Work With Monique

Private sessions available by Skype or in person.
Monique’s practice has 3 streams of consultancy available.

Skype Sessions available #WisdomWithinWellbeing

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I Offer:

Life & Business Coach

I’m here for you. Helping you get clear in times of change, transition and transformation.
Consulting areas include work, business, family, relationships, loss & grief and everything in-between.

Business & Life strategy coaching

*Creative strategy sessions
*High Level Business Coaching
*Business Advisory

Wisdom Within Practitioner

Mind, body and spirit reconnection sessions.
I support you through stressful times and assist you to achieve peace and calm.

Healing Sessions:

*Access Bars® sessions (Bars® is a gentle, stress relief, relaxing energy-clearing healing process. Fully clothed session where I will release 32 points on your head)
*Access Consciousness Bars® stress-relief sessions
*Access ‘Creative Jam’ clearing sessions (skype or in person)
*Mind, body and spirit reconnection sessions

Business Advisory

Monique McNamara Consulting offers
Business advisory and business owner strategic support sessions.


*Shifting changes including: grief, changes, family, work, financial & relationships
*Creative life direction sessions.
*Clarity sessions on any particular topic.