Chronic Conditions and Functional Illinesses

Chronic Conditions and Functional Illnesses 

Chronic fatigue is categorised by having consistant pain for 6 months or more.

People with chronic conditions experience physical and mental exhaustion.

It is an acquired immune deficiency that affects the physical functionality.

Many of the symptoms are more prominent form 30 – 40 years old, but can effect younger people in their early 20’s, many after contracting a virus like glandular fever and they never get better resulting in chronic fatigue. Others have contracted the condition after an injury.

The medical explanation of CFS refers to clinical immunology and immune deficiency.

It may be a virus that effects the legal nervous system ( which is the fight, flight and freeze response to danger )

The ‘virus’ severely effects the aerobic and anarobic energy conversion in the body. Meaning in a normal person aerobic energy is used you rest and it restores to full energy. With Chronic fatigue it doesn’t, it just gets used up. The body then needs a long time, hours or days to recharge taking energy from anywhere it can to restore the body’s function. It’s called a fatigue ‘crash’ leaving the person pretty helpless and many unable to move – which is dangerous.

With knowledge of individual capacity you can learn to safely operate in the aerobic space that is right for you to keep you from crashing continually.

As if you go into the anaerobic space and ask the cells to make energy you are in trouble – because you don’t have it.

It takes a lot of trial and error to find your new exercise limits. And for some that might mean 5 -15 mins of walking per day.

People with chronic conditions generally experience depressions and anxiety due to the limitation of lifestyle and adjustment and letting go of activities and relationships that worsen the condition or symptoms.

Cronic Fatigue
2% of the population experience chronic fatigue that effects their everyday living, work, friendships and social activities.

Watch: Netflix movie: ‘Unrest’

Advocacy group:

What is ME/CFS?

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) is a severe, complex, acquired illness. Symptoms can include issues with; brain function, the gut, the immune, endocrine and cardiac systems.


Diagnosis of ME/CFS is difficult and more research needs to be undertaken. The condition is not well understood in the general community or in clinical professions. In fact, it is widely misunderstood and finding appropriate treatment and management tools is often very difficult.


The condition can have an extreme impacton a person and can limit their capacity to lead an independent, healthy and fulfilling life. Good management can help with some of the effects of the condition particularly in more mild/moderate cases, but there is no doubt that this condition changes the lives of those affected.


It is vitally important to the well-being of people affected by ME/CFS that the condition be widely recognised. This will improve the availability and access to effective diagnosis, treatment and management. In the meantime there are services and supports available right now.

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Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is categorised by having consistant pain for 6 months or more.

Advocacy group:

Painaustralia is Australia’s leading pain advocacy body working to improve the quality of life of people living with pain, their families and carers, and to minimise the social and economic burden of pain on individuals and the community.

Melbourne Public Health Support:

You need a doctors referral to this service:

Austin Health – Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre
Community Rehabilitation Services – Health Independence Programs
Phone: (03) 9490 7905

Wisdom Within Approach:

Chronic fatigue and pain are may times interlinked and effect Mind, body, soul ( mental, physical and emotional )

Chronic fatigue is been said to be the manifestation of  a childhood trauma that has been suppressed in the nervous system and that effects the immune system. Not enough research has been done in this area to give it ‘clinical trial’ status – but work is being done and much of the insight comes from peoples quest to live with the chronic illness and learning from each other. Peer support is critical to weather the judgement, isolation and loneliness of dealing with a chronic unrelenting condition with no relief.

What may provide relief:

Symptom’s can be managed and for some people to a level of being able to live a fully functional life, some not.

What can help:

Knowledge, graded exercise routine, Access Bars, Diet and allergy control, Medical, and talking therapy/ coaching, ACT, CBT, EMDR, Counciling and psychology into the emotions behind the pain or fatigue is essential for relief, minimising symptoms or recovery and group support.

Stretching, yoga, supported clinical pilates and andy movement is encouraged as pain and fatigue reduce movement in general.

A connection to a spiritual or creative practices.

Some anti viral and immunity drugs are on the market, you can talk to your doctor about options. All results are individual.

Routine is important and to find a way to still have a full and balanced life. This is where getting private health coaching or support may assist.

You can build a new version of your life that can bring you meaning, wellbeing and enjoyment.

No one solution ‘fits all’, so as always become curious and your own healer with the support of expert practitioners. Don’t give up.

To book a session call: Wisdom Within 0403126387


Group work and learning to name and knowledge emotions:

Suppression of emotions is a major cause of illness. We are emotional, spiritual and physical beings. If we did not grow up in an environment what emotion’s could be shared they would have been bottled up ( which is most people ) As adults we are able to learn new skills and you can do this safely in managed groups.

Wisdom Within runs a group online to teach personal insight development, body calming mediation  and non-violent communication skills over a 6 week online class 2 x per year. 1.5hrs sessions,8 people per group to keep an intimate and safe environment.

The more we are self aware and know what our needs are, we can communicate this to be supported into wellness.

Wisdom Within: Inner Relationship Growth Group.

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