One-on-one Coaching & Energy Psychology Sessions

One-on-one sessions or group coaching with Monique.

Wisdom Within offers inner development and 1-on-1 services to help you find, use and grow your wisdom within.

At different times in our life we require different assistance and different approaches. This is why we provide options for your healing and growth to support you depending on what is happening in your life….you choose.

Our sessions focus in healing, life, business relationship dynamics or all three:

We are privileged supporters and facilitators along the way.

Please choose the service that feels right now – we look forward to supporting your journey.

Monique offers clarity coaching, mentoring and energy-healing sessions.

Monique combines her 20+ years of business and change consulting, mindset and working with executives and business owners  and combines this with the latest personal development and energy-shifting strategies to help you clear the way and create the life you desire.

  • Business and career coaching
  • Practitioner debrief mentoring
  • Strategic energy-healing sessions
  • Healthy communication and relationship training.
  • Spiritual & Emotional support sessions


You can book 1,1.5,2, 3 or 4h sessions.

Session Types:

  • Straight coaching, sessions
  • Silent energy-healing or facilitated energy-healing sessions
  • Coaching & energy-healing combined session

Silent sessions: If you are not looking to talk and need restoration, a silent session is for you. Sessions available from 1.5hrs.

Facilitated sessions: If you would like strategic input and to explore a current issue, life or business senario this session is for you. Sessions available from 1.5hrs.

Programs or Packages: 

3 & 6 session packages and investment programs are available.

This is for you if you are ready to invest in yourself to get the right support. If the situation is a longterm issue or you are navigating many changes at once. ( a discount is give for package and program payments )

What energy-shifting techniques are used in session?

  • Energy-shifting sessions – Energy Healing sessions can be practiced in a few ways to assist and strengthen healing physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Sessions are fully clothed.
  • Access® Consciousness Bars – energy-shifting sessions  – Bars consist of 32 points on the head to release a build up of stuck energy releasing stress and restoring your body to the feeling of calm. Sessions are fully clothed.
  • Reiki energy healing – Reiki is universal healing energy and delivered with a series of laying of the hands on the body on vital organs and joints to increase the body’s own healing capacities. Reiki is gentle and relaxing process. Sessions are fully clothed.
  • Kinesiology based – mind, body and spirit reconnection sessions.
    I use Kinesiology techniques to locate emotional blockages at times throughout your life and help process those emotions in the present in a safe and secure environment.
  • Bach Flower Healing system – Bach’s system consists of 38 flower remedies, each of the flower remedies impact on a specific emotional and mental state.
  • Creative vision sessions –  A guided of freeform intuitive process with colour, images and paint to access your inner feelings or communicate what you can not with words.
  • Flourishing Foundations Sessions:
    Let’s look at your current life foundations and re-direct areas you would like to change. I use my coaching tools and together we map our your support system and set you up to thrive.
  • Clarity coaching sessions
    – A facilitated session in person or on skype to address any emotional blockages and clear the negative energy attached to a certain life or business senario.

Ways to work with Monique:

Book/text 0403126387 or jump into to my Calendly page and I’ll call you back to discuss the ways we could work together.

Complimentary 15min call about how we may work together:

Consultation Packages Available:
Kindly contact us at 0403 126 387 for the schedule arrangement or email Anna at: to get more information.

Life empowerment coaching & Access Bars Package:
Life empowerment coaching & Access Bars sessions with Monique McNamara package of 6 x 1.5hr sessions

Packages are paid in full in advance or 50% and 50% , 6 weekly payments through Paypal or as mutually agreed.

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