Flourishing Foundations Festival

Wisdom Within’s: Flourishing Foundations Festival

Do you want to join into the May 30th Flourishing Foundations
2019 Clearing round 3?

Build you ‘Flourishing Foundations’ one 21 day round at a time!

Flourishing Foundation Festival… where we spend 21 days looking at what ‘SparksJoy’… starting with our home by learning to tune into our own Wisdom Within and I am your ‘energetic clearing’ guide and group facilitator to cheer you on and sharing my energetic tools and mindset to keep taking action to help you get clear about what a ‘Flourishing Foundation’ is for YOU…. next round will be $15 … invite your friends. We start #FFFRound3 on Saturday May 30th ?

This event is perfect for you if:

– You need motivation to take action on sorting out your stuff
– You never find time to look at the sock draw
– You want to build your intuition and inner knowing
– You are interested in learning the KonMari method with a group
– You are ready to look at your life foundations and make new choices.
– Gain knowledge and practice designing your life in a way that created more joy.

Next Action Round:
Flourishing Foundations ( clearing ) Festival.

Register here:

Wisdom Within Events Facebook May 30th
I guide you through the steps and give you a clear guide that you can follow-up on your own after the course.

You want to have fun with it and receive guidance for 21 days to get stuff done!

Then this is for you 🙂 Jump on board for May

PM me if you want to be in for the next 21 day round and join the ‘Spark Joy’ Flourishing team.
Invite a buddy or friend and pass on to others wanting to do some HOME FOUNDATION clearing with the group.
Call Monique – 0403 126 387
Email: monique@wisdomwithin.net.au
Payment details for Wisdom Within to registerer:
> http://www.wisdomwithin.net.au/contact-praise/

> Direct Debit ( 3 days before so it processes thanks )
Payment options:

> Register now link below and pay in full $15
As I’m still in Beta it is $15 ( next round will be priced at $79 )


Wisdom Within online details
BSB: 193-879
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 415 417 748

Best Monique
Monique – Clarity coach & strategic energy healing.
Access ®️Bars Practitioner.
Call/text: 0403126387

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