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Monique McNamara
Executive Clarity Coach & Strategic energy-healing.

Are you looking for support with current challenges?

I specialize in assisting you get clear in times of transition, transformation and change.

I take a strength based approach to healing and to support you through change and transformation. I do not believe you need to be ‘fixed’ you are whole right now and we are all on a journey of growth, change and evolution. I know you have all the answers within to lead the empowered life you want to live. Together we go on an exploration to find a pathway forward and through.

I am one of those lucky left (strategic) and right (creative) brainers – there is nothing too big, weird or strange, yet I’m also ok getting right into the detail. I’m also fine to talk about 5 things at the one time. There is not much I have not had to tackle in life and got through on the other side in family, business, life and love. I am passionate about sharing my wisdom gained from my journey through life and assisting others to tap into their own wholeness – their wisdom within.

I help you find your way through when life gets confusing, hard and messy as a support to help you get through.

I’m offering two services:

  1. Clarity – business and life coaching sessions
  2. Wisdom Within – consulting and energy-healing sessions
  3. Group sessions

Clarity Coaching – Business & Life discovery sessions

I’m here for you. Helping you get clear in times of change, transition and transformation. Consulting areas cover – work, business, family, relationships, change, life redirection, loss & grief.

I offer 1-on-1 sessions: Book a session with Monique

I run 6 week group coaching: Book a spot in the coaching circle or 6 week Inner relationship growth group.

Wisdom Within Practitioner

Mind, body and spirit reconnection sessions.

I support you through stressful times and assist you to achieve peace and calm.

Together we identify which modality will get you the best results.

Modalities include:

  • Consultations
  • Access Bars energy-shifting sessions

Executive Clarity Coach & Strategic energy-healing. or call 0403 126 387