About the ‘Access Bars’ facilitated by Monique


About the ‘Access Bars’ facilitated by Monique – Wisdom Within

Hello – So glad you are here,

So you are interested to learn more about the Access Bars.

What is an Access Bars Session:
A “Bars” session is fully clothed with the practitioner touching 32 points on your head which releases electromagnetic energy. It’s very relaxing and at the end of the session you feel very peaceful like the feeling you get in meditation. If you can not meditate – this is perfect for you!
My story:

As a seeker and always open to new thinking i came across Access Consciousness through a business coach who used access with her coaching. It had such an effect on me she recommended i learn the Access Bars. So i did. That was 2011. I was coming out of a toxic relationship and it seemed to shift my discomfort so much i kept on exploring.

I have spent the last 23 years working with and exploring and practicing healing-arts and personal development and knowing to navigate my life as an entrepreneur in the creative industry.

My sessions are based on a client-centred approach combined with my healing modalities and finished with practical next steps.

I offer my experience in the below modalities:

  • Kinesiology ( Touch for Health )
  • Usui Reiki – universal life energy
  • Jim O’hearn’s – mind, body & soul reconnection work.
  • AQH- Angelic Quantum Healing
  • Business brand and communication advisory
  • Executive Coaching
  • Pia Melody – relational model
  • Emotional Identification and clearing
  • Family dynamics – healthy relationships
  • Non-Violent Communication practice – groupwork

In 2014 on moving my work office, I experience a major back injury that changed the course of my life. I was in chronic and persistent pain and was unable to work in my business which i had built and put my soul into for 16 years. I was devastated. I linked into the Access Bars groups and it started to shift and i received a lot of new awareness.

In 2015 it had offered me enough clarity that i was grieving the loss of my health, business, relationships and i needed to go to nature.

I stepped fully into my spiritual, physical and emotional recovery.

It came to me the name – Wisdom Within. I had to reclaim, find and use my wisdom within.

Access Bars help me get there an a quick and gentle way – and i was sold. This stuff worked.

I fully stepped into the Access Community and launched my business and the Access Consciousness Festival in Byron Bay – June 2015. The theme i created was – ‘Be YOU – There is nobody like you’.  Little did i know i was emerging and being called into letting go of who i was and who i thought i ‘had’ to be and finding out how to BE me. The universe had my back.

I then decided to become a Access Bars Facilitator to help others reclaim there energetic reality.

Now science and metaphysical spiritual concepts are meeting each other and becoming more main stream. More people than ever are tapping into the benefits.

I have been on a journey to find the true me and shed all the programs, conditions and relook at my beliefs and reset my life purpose.

It’s not a linear process with much grieving along the way.

A big part of nurturing myself through this period of great change and transformation as I step into bing truly me and making decisions to express that has been the ‘Access Bars’ It has helped me achieve clarity and calm when it would seem my life was falling apart.

In fact my life as i knew it has fallen apart. Choice by choice I have built my life again with me in the centre of it.

I had to be forced by my injury from running a successful business i built from the ground up since i was 23 years old – 18 years. I am a brand and communication specialist an expert in building identities and values-driven strategy, helping others be clear about their values and building connected communities of value around these businesses.

Here i was now using those skills on myself and customised my tools to help he rebuild my life and redirect its purpose. The campaign i created was really for me: ‘Be YOU – There is nobody like you’.

I have found the sweetness, joy and connection I had dreamt off – It’s a practice and i maintain this practice and self care commitments to my health and wellbeing.

Now i assist others to navigate times of change and transformation – helping you gain clarity in the messy times of life or to assist in your growth and wellbeing.

I hold the space for you to explore new options for your life without judgement. I find it a very creative process and i bring my experience to your life – joining you on your journey.


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Before learning the Access Bars it is also great to experience an Access Bars session.

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Now we have research to back up the benefits.

( see below ) 

New research into the bars released about how Access Barschanges the brain in one session.
The results of this study will blow you away!
Dr Lisa Cloony – Access Bars Regulation Thermometry video. Effects of the Access Bars on the Body.
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